Dying To Myself: It Works, But It Hurts

Religion & Spirituality, Self-Help and Personal Development

By Audrey Bryant

Publisher : From Worship To Service Resources

ABOUT Audrey Bryant

Audrey Bryant
My passion is to help others enhance their intimacy with God and Jesus. This intimate relationship is the only way to be healed, fixed, and then shaped into a useful vessel – God’s plan and purpose for our lives. I share information on my website to bring forth wholeness for the spirit More...


Do you long for spiritual maturity, but feel as though you are going nowhere? Are you waiting for someone to assist you?  Wait no longer. It is time to take control of your own spiritual healing and growth.  Reconsider many of your Christian beliefs: they may be hindering you.  Your intimacy with God and Jesus may need to go to another level where you learn about dying to yourself, in order to truly live. Dying to yourself works, but it hurts.