Solution-Earth: The Rash

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult

By Matthew Underwood

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ABOUT Matthew Underwood

Matthew Underwood
I am a new science fiction author with an active imagination. My first book focuses on time travel (Time and disPLACEment).

My second novel (Glimpse) features a man whose dreams foretell future events, a gift that he is thrust into using to save hundreds of lives in the centre  More...


    The first in a new trilogy of books by Matthew Underwood tells a story involving a young girl with a debilitating illness. The poor girl lives a boring life. But who was the strange man wearing a dark robe, outside in the street one morning? Why did he vanish so quickly when she saw him?

    Why are children in towns on the outskirts of London being admitted to clinics and hospitals with a strange rash on their faces? Why all at the same time?

    What is the strange history connected with Roswell, New Mexico? Could it be the reason for the unusual Rash?

    The Rash is the first in the new Solution-Earth trilogy, set in the same story-line world as Glimpse and Time and disPLACEment. The Rash introduces some great new characters, including some who are not quite so native to Earth.

I thought up the idea for my Solution-Earth trilogy while I was writing my second novel. I'd had several ideas for stories and two ideas stood out as remarkable. One of the ideas became the foundation for the events in Solution-Earth: The Rash, featuring alien species and their activities on our planet. Their activities remain hidden from each other, but soon they are mixed up with everyday humans and ultimately government agents, while the inherent conflict between the rival species comes to a dramatic, but only partial conclusion for this first part of the trilogy. The battle is over, but the war continues... The second idea I formed into the foundation for part two of the trilogy, which I am currently writing. Sorry, no spoilers yet! The Solution-Earth trilogy joins the same story-line world as Time and disPLACEment and Glimpse, containing an especially important story-line link between Glimpse and the third part of the trilogy. I hope you'll enjoy this book and it's interesting characters, both alien and human. Thanks Matthew Underwood