Shomu: Sekhmet's Light, Book Three

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Heather Reasby

Publisher : Talaria Press

Shomu: Sekhmet's Light, Book Three

ABOUT Heather Reasby

Heather Reasby
Heather Reasby is a 30-something writer who resides in the beautiful (and rainy) Pacific Northwest. She lives there with her beloved husband, two deranged cats, and two crazed dogs. Reading and writing (of course) top the list of personal interests, but Heather also enjoys movies, gaming More...



The cycle of the year draws to a close. Shomu, the Harvest, is a time of festivals and celebration, but for NuruSekhmet, it is a time for vengeance. 

Reeling from an onslaught of revelations and betrayal, Nicole Salem and her friends must marshal their courage to avenge their losses. Pursuing Apep’s dark servant from the high rises of Chicago, to the forests of South America, Nicole and each of her friends must dig deep and tap unplumbed reserves of strength.

To keep the darkness from continuing to rise, they must be willing to risk everything and Nicole could end up sacrificing far more than anyone ever expected.