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Michelle Scheunemann
Michelle Scheunemann grew up in Northern San Diego County and has lived there all of her life. An avid enthusiast for the popular arts, Miss. Scheunemann attends the San Diego Comic-Con every year and enjoys immersing herself in culture. She enjoys escaping from reality via creative writin More...


To save their world, two young men must break a curse by the bonds of their friendship.
Near his eighteenth birthday, Prince Atraiu, his family and the kingdom of Altaria lose their ruler King Edric, Atraiu’s father. This is a golden opportunity for the Lord of a nearby kingdom to see if he can’t persuade the upcoming king to join his side in conquering Altaria’s neighboring kingdom of Redaltras; which has a mercenary group of Dragon Riders. Redaltras is just one of his many steps in trying to rule the continent, with Altaria being another, but you have to take it one step at a time right? Also on his agenda is wooing the departed king’s widow with whom he is enamored and in turn satisfying his libido. When his plan fails, his persuasion ends up involving an ancient curse of a long dead dragon king and falsifying the death of Prince Atraiu who has unwillingly had this curse placed upon him and in turn ends up a dragon himself. With all evidence pointing to the kingdom of Redaltras behind this treachery, Altaria joins the evil Lord Tregone in his quest to snuff out the kingdom. Only Atraiu has an inclination of what has happened and unfortunately he can’t tell. But one astute dragon riding mercenary from Redaltras, Davali, stumbles across the fact Atraiu is more than he appears and learns of the curse. His will to help is strong but he learns that there is a catch and that is to become damned himself. Will Atraiu and Davali be able to save the lands from Tregone’s evil scheme and be able to defeat curse of the dragon king Adapu?
"Cursed and the Damned is one of the finer fantasy novels I've ever read. Michelle Scheunemann is an extraordinary writing talent who has crafted a strikingly beautiful tale. Full of plot twists and turns, the story has wonderful characterization and a narrative structure that draws the reader in and never lets go. She has accomplished nothing less than creating a fully realized secondary world, and if you pass this novel by it's to your literary detriment."  --Ralph Macchio Marvel Comics Editor