Tick Tock, Stop the Clock - Getting Pretty on Your Lunch Hour

Health, Mind & Body

By Lois Stern

Publisher : Infinity Publishing

ABOUT Lois Stern

Lois Stern
My life sometimes works in mysterious ways, leading me down unexpected paths. When told I needed surgery for a weakened eye muscle, a bombshell thought struck me. As long as I need to go under anesthesia, why not some cosmetic enhancement at the same time? Imagine that! Me? A facelift?’  More...


It’s nice to know that even in times of economic downturn we can find affordable ways to enhance our beauty. Now you can learn from some of the best-of-the-best: eleven nationally renown experts who share the most up to date information to help you get pretty on your lunch hour without the knife. Each chapter is written in an easy-to-read format by an expert delivering accurate, honest information within their area of expertise. Forget the hype. Trust your face and body to the professional advice found within the pages of this book.

Reviews and Words of Praise


“Congratulations to Lois Stern for following up her fabulous book Sex Lies and Cosmetic Surgery with an equally informative one. Tick Tock Stop the Clock is well written and filled with incredible information from renowned experts in the health and beauty field. This book is for anyone serious about affordable ways to enhance their appearance.” 

- Jerry Simmons

Author and Executive with The Time Warner Book Group (Vice-president, Director of Field Sales for over 20 years.  

                              Creator and Publisher of Nothing Binding, a community built to: “Inspire, Educate and Unite Writers,  Authors and Readers Across the Globe”

"Tick Tock, Stop The Clock, Lois' latest fabulous new book is an invaluable resource for all of us who want to look beautiful on our lunch hour. Who has time these days for long, post-treatment recovery? Lois tells us how to look years younger, well rested, with minimal recovery and lasting results - all in quick, in-office procedure time.”

Host of the Health and Beauty Revolution Show
(Patty has interviewed over 450 NY Times best selling authors on her show)

"Beauty has been a goal for centuries. The quest runs the gambit from the jeweled dental inlays of jade and turquoise of the Mayans through the first millennium to the blackening of teeth by women of means and position in Eastern Asia and

even to the art of binding the feet of Chinese women to achieve a small (attractive) size.  Even today we have the instant changes provided by tanning booths, nail salons and tattoo parlors.


In Tick, Tock, Stop the Clock Lois Stern has chronicled the modern approach to, as Brendon Jarrett sings, “lookin’ good, feelin’ good.  Methods available can be as non-invasive as spa indulgence and make-up techniques to more aggressive skin, hair and teeth enhancements, all the way to the cutting edge skills of the plastic surgeon.


The book is a guide for utilizing a small amount of time to produce a noticeable and self-gratifying change. If only one chapter is applicable, the results can be multifold."

                                                      - Bernard G. Park,
                                                            DDS, FAGD


Tick Tock, Stop the Clock
"In her second book, Lois W. Stern has brought together eleven nationally renowned experts on how we can "stop the aging clock". The book covers what's new in the world of lasers, fillers, dermal devices; advice on how to keep your skin, teeth, and hair at their best;

advice on how  the value of spas and estheticians; make up illusions; and body options from exercise, to diet to surgery. The book provides a comprehensive guide to the many non-surgical options now available to keep you looking your very best. For more information and to buy the book, go to:  http://www.ticktockstoptheclock.com/"   
                                  The Three Tomatoes
                                       May 29, 2009

Tick Tock, Stop the Clock

Official Apex Reviews Rating:

How many times have you walked past a magazine stand and shot an envious glance at the sculpted physiques, flawless complexions, radiant smiles and flowing tresses of the models featured on the covers? Or watched an MTV Spring Break Special and wished you could have the same chiseled abs as the hunks and hotties having the time of their lives?

The practice of plastic surgery is nothing new; however, many people still remain unaware of the wide variety of non-surgical procedures available to help eliminate the problem areas of our bodies and turn back the clock on aging. Furthermore, the general perception regarding plastic surgery is that it’s expensive, time-consuming, and - worst of all - often life-threatening.

Well, thanks to Tick Tock, Stop The Clock, those misconceptions can finally be put to rest. In the pages of Lois W. Stern’s new seminal work on the world of beauty enhancement, readers worldwide are treated to a wealth of tips and general practices designed to reveal the simple, practical techniques they can follow to improve their physical appearance. Even better, Stern allows the reader to see just how cost-affordable the practices and techniques are, effectively eliminating the fear of having to pay and arm and a leg to – well, have better arms and legs. Featuring a comprehensive compilation of eleven nationally renowned experts and practitioners from such fields as dermatology, cosmetology, hair restoration, and cosmetic dentistry, Tick Tock, Stop The Clock is a veritable encyclopedia for the health and beauty world. Presented in clear language and an easy-to-read format, Stern’s enlightening opus is perfect for individuals who struggle with issues of self-esteem tied to their appearance, yet - in the midst of the current worldwide recession - simultaneously struggle with concerns over how to pay for the quality assistance they seek.

Complete with detailed explanations, revealing photos, and insightful commentary, Tick Tock, Stop The Clock is required reading for anyone with even the slightest interest in improving their health and overall appearance. An excellent, well-crafted, and timely read.
                                               - Reviewed By Kenya Dow

                                                        June 4, 2009