How I Run My One-Person Factoring Business

ABOUT Jeff Callender

Jeff Callender
Jeff has written numerous business books and ebooks on a specialized method of financing called factoring. He has also written a book of historical nonfiction based on the love letters from his father to his mother during World War II.



This is actually two ebooks in one: How I Run My One-Person Factoring Business and How I Run My Virtual Factoring Office.

Have you wondered what it takes to run a small factoring operation by yourself or with just a family member? What do you need for day-to-day operations in terms of equipment, technology, documentation, and know-how? In One-Person Business, Jeff shows simply and clearly how he ran his company for years with no employees. Discover how current technology, outsourcing, and common sense can enable you to manage a full portfolio of clients without the expense and complications of a big payrol

By the time Jeff was running two companies in addition to his factoring business, he needed help with his factoring operations.

This Virtual Office ebook starts by defining what a virtual office is, then -- focusing on the technology and tools used -- describes how he and his small team routinely conduct business from their virtual office. Jeff and his two associates live and work in different parts of the continent, yet efficiently and cost effectively run operations every day as if they were in the same location.

The simplicity of the methods used is disarming; every tool the three of them use is available to anyone for very little or no cost. If they can do it, anyone can...including you!