ABOUT Denise Lescano

Denise Lescano
Denise Lescano is a world renowned Professional Psychic and Spirit Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Metaphysical Teacher and Author. She is well known and widely respected, for the groundbreaking and unprecedented work that she does with non-profit Grief Support and Addiction Recoveryand Scie More...



An inspiring and enlightening "true story" that will change the way you think about your life. Denise takes you along on an inspiring and astonishing journey that will heal your heart, open your mind and touch your soul. Her book provides story after story of evidential proof that our lives survive after death. And for those who may be skeptical, the forward is written by three professionals in the fields of mental health that have worked closely and professionally along side Denise in this groundbreaking and unprecedented work. Although many may doubt her credibility, no one can question theirs as their credentials are impeccable in their prosepective fields, with each having more than 20 years experience. Included in the book is also a letter from one of the people Denise read for with in one of these groups as he validates the experience in his own words. Denise's work has also been featued in the book "Visits From Heaven" by Josie Varga along with many other well respected psychic mediums,  and Doctors and Researchers in the field of life after death studies.

An inspiring and enlightening true story that will change the way you think about your life. Denise takes you along on her journey, an amazing true story and shares with you the many people and spirits she meets along the way. Denise has a wonderful and down to earth way of answering many of humanity's long pondered questions about the meaning of life. The storys she shares, from the people she's worked with, and the messages from their loved ones in spirit, will penetrate your heart and permeate your consciousness to the core of your being. For the skeptics among us, the book is filled with testimony from verifiable and very credible people she has worked with throughout the years. This book is a MUST read for anyone who has ever lost a loved one or asked the question "why am I here?"

"Excellent! A page turner as Denise Lescano takes us through her life- love, heartache, doubt, hope and everything in between. Only to realize later that her many antagonists and challenges were also her greatest teachers. She is a gifted psychic medium with a story that will warm your soul." Josie Varga, Author, Visits From Heaven

"So many lives have been given the glow of satisfaction, validation, love, kinship, awareness and overall spiritual guidance through the genuineness of Denise's psychic expertise. She is superb- "the real deal" and believe me when I tell you, I willingly place my lifelong reputation on the line in validating her true psychic and medium abilities."-Bob Riley, Professional Grief and Life Coach and facilitator of the "SAS" Grief Support Group (Surviving After Suicide).