Night Before Dawn

Christian Books, General Fiction, Romance

By Roschelle McKenzie

Publisher : True Vine Publishing

ABOUT Roschelle McKenzie

Roschelle McKenzie
Roschelle McKenzie began her writing career at the age of nine with a piece of chalk and a chalkboard in Portmore St. Catherine, Jamaica. Scribbling dusty stories for her younger brother, she came to love the art of storytelling.  Little did she know, her powdery pasttime would lead to an More...


"The darkest part of a night is just before dawn..."
 This was the hardest lesson Sabrina Richards had to learn. After the untimely death of her twin brother and a series of life's bitter blows, she finds and puts her total trust in Eric, the love of her life. But, her new life would come crashing down when she discovers her handsome, successful fiancé having an affair with her best friend Niqi, just months away from their wedding.

It's not long before she realizes that the same God she continues to reject, is the only One who can help her.  But can she forgive and let go of the pain and the past? Will she finally allow God to heal and restore her mentally, emotionally and spiritually?  

Night Before Dawn is an inspiring novel about a young woman's struggle to find peace in the center of tragedy, new life in the midst of loss, and forgiveness in the heart of betrayal.

Everyone has been bitten by betrayal at one point or another. What would you do if you discovered your best friend and your fiance in an ongoing affair? Could you ever love or trust again? The truth is you really don't know what you would do, unless you have been personally thrust into that kind of an emotional disaster. One thing is for sure, however; throughout all the chaos and the devastation, you will soon find that the darkest part of a night, is just before dawn.

A MUST READ, INDEED!” Love 101 FM, Jamaica

This is a wonderful way for Roschelle to introduce herself to the literary scene.  Well written and relevant, Night Before Dawn is a literary work of art that speaks volumes.  ARC Bookclub

This book needs to be a play! Dr. Cindy Trimm

Night Before Dawn is an awe-inspiring book that will encourage everyone who reads it. It quickly grabs you and refuses to let go. The pace of this book flows as free as water. Everyone in this world has someone they need to forgive, and an alarming number of young women are facing the very same struggles in which Sabrina, the protagonist, finds herself. This book is going to change and save lives.  True Vine Publishing, Tennessee

I only received the book this afternoon and have  completed it the very same day. Superbly written each chapter propelling you to the next. My prayer is that this novel will reach many hurting people and allow them to realize that God is a God of second chances and they too can experience their "DAWN” Pastor Delphine Way, New York

Tasteful drama from start to finish! Evangelist Heather C. Lashley, New York

One of the best Christian fiction books I've ever read! Roschelle's style of writing brings everything to life. I couldn't put the book down! I can't wait for the sequel! Tish, New York

This novel sends a great message to all of us that have missed it at one point or another, that there is a second chance with God, and if we will wait on Him, He will make all things beautiful for us. I am really looking forward to know what happens after Dawn. Please try as much as possible to make your books available in UK as well.  Tolulope, London