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ABOUT Rafael Ortiz

Rafael Ortiz
Rafael Ortiz is currently the Latin American operational excellence leader for one of the Fortune 500 companies. He started his journey from being an engineer, manager, and plant manager into becoming a business leader. In his professional career, he had the opportunity to visit the Toyota More...



Have you ever thought about applying in your life the tools that companies use to improve their processes? That’s what you are going to see in this book. The methodology shared will help you in converting the vision of the future you into actions to transform your life. If you want to make dramatic changes in any area of your life, I invite you to read this book, apply its learning, and then share your achievements with others.

On 2007, I was relocated to Shenzhen, China, to support our operations in Asia Pacific. During my adaptation process the first months, one of the most difficult things to adapt to was the food. So the first months, I ate a lot of fast foods. In this period, because of my eating habits, my weight started to increase, and after a routine checkup, I found that my cholesterol levels were very high. During this time, I had a reality check, and I thought to myself, how could I teach lean manufacturing concepts and help people to improve processes when the most important process of my life had many opportunities to improve? At this time, I decided to start applying to myself the tools that I was teaching.