Remembering the Sweet Nectar

ABOUT Susanna Green

Susanna Green
My name is Susanna K. Green and I am the author of, Remembering the Sweet Nectar, an African American contemporary fiction novel. The sequel, entitled, Devoured in a Diva's Web, is due for release December 30th, 2012. Also, I own a publishing company, Sweet Nectar Publishing and am the Edi More...


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Remembering the Sweet Nectar is a contemporary urban tale of a once loving relationship that rapidly digresses into a deceitful maze of lies and cover ups, while being tested along the way. Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, Remembering the Sweet Nectar takes you on a journey with Reina and her husband Lance of three years, as she struggles to resist succumbing to her insatiable desires with other men. Reina, not getting the attention she craves from her husband, decides to explore the world of seduction outside of her home and has to suffer the consequences because of her reckless actions.