Their Cancer - Your Journey

Health, Mind & Body

By Anne Orchard

Publisher : Rainbow Heart Publishing

ABOUT Anne Orchard

Anne Orchard
I am life coach based in Dorset, UK, whose areas of expertise includes offering support to those affected by illness or death of a loved one and helping them to rebuild their lives.

Following the death of my mother from cancer in 1991, and my mother-in-law’s experience of bre More...


Aimed at anyone who has a family member or loved one with cancer, this book looks upon a diagnosis of cancer as the beginning of a journey – one that has been forced upon the reader. This book supports them in adapting to the shock of diagnosis, and gives perspective on the situation in which they find themselves. With practical advice, as well as guidance on how to take your inner journey, this book shows you how to deal with this challenge in your life. You, too, can tap into your deepest strength and come through this ordeal with hope for the future.

Statistics tell us that one out of three people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime. This leads us to wonder at the countless nearest and dearest who also have to cope with this diagnosis. Anne Orchard's book is informative, encouraging and uplifting. Guiding you in ways to strengthen your courage and help loved ones cope with this most difficult of journeys. Should you be travelling on this journey, there is no better road map than Anne Orchard's book. (Glennyce S Eckersley - Author, Angels Believe and Receive)

This will prove an invaluable book with sensible advice for people who are in the midst of their worst nightmare. (Tricia Stewart - Author and the original WI Calendar Girl)