Seven Strange Years: Real Letters - Strange Stories

Seven Strange Years: Real Letters - Strange Stories

ABOUT R.j Ruud

R.j Ruud
R.j Ruud is a criminal. He’s a felon. He had a record before he even hit puberty. A horrible student, college was never considered. He was running from the law by twenty-one, fleeing the cold Minnesota country for the bustling city of Phoenix. But the heat closed in long before summer. H More...



Waking up in the hospital to find wires snapped to your chest, tubes jammed in your veins, and handcuffs tearing at your wrists is a horrible way to start your day — especially when you don’t remember who you are or how you got there.

That was just the beginning of “Johnny’s” bad day. He was poked. He was prodded. He was told he had done horrible things. Then the cops came and hauled him away. They tossed him in jail with nothing but a notebook full of strange letters he had supposedly written to friends and family. It was a conspiracy of epic proportions. And Johnny’s only hope for proving he’s not the criminal they say he is are the letters an old man claiming to be his father gave him.

Seven Strange Years is a compilation of letters that tell the tales of a mad traveler buzzing around the country wreaking havoc wherever he lands, pieced together in jail as Johnny scours the letters for evidence that might save him from years in prison. And reading letters rife with tales of freedom and adventure is nothing short of torture when you’re stuck in jail.