Bubbles and Billy Sandwalker

ABOUT Cyndie Lepori

Cyndie Lepori
Cyndie Lepori-Mogavero has been doing energy and intuitive work for 30 years with passion and integrity and brings a beautiful and inspiring way to balance spirituality with common sense. In her Playshops, Cyndie addresses some of the limiting ways in which most of us think of ourselves. H More...



When Billy meets a dolphin named Bubbles, he begins to see his life, the lives of the dolphins and other colorful characters in a new and wonderful way. These adventures profoundly change not only how he thinks of himself and his place in this world, but how he views the others in the story as well.

It is a wonderfully positive inspiring adventure story full of mermaids, dolphins, and ETs, that will keep you turning every page, reading it many times and sharing with others. This beautifully written and illustrated story is not just a book for children, but a book for all ages and will be read over and over for years to come.

If you enjoyed Johnathan Livingston Seagull, you will love this book too. You will never see dolphins, pupples, or others in the same way again.