Hope and Desire

General Fiction

By Theresa Grant

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Hope and Desire

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Theresa Grant
I have been a writer for twelve years. I have studied my craft for six of those twelve years at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland, Long ridge Writers Group  and Universal Class I have written four books. I like to write women's fiction with elements of romance and to delve into ot More...



Jennifer Greene, a young impressionable girl, dreams of going to New York to become a fashion designer. Her father dies suddenly, her mother marries his best friend, and Jennifer is forced to put her education aside to care for her younger siblings, juggle a nine-to-three job to care for her step-father. She earns more money in hopes of pursuing her dreams, but her sister, a feisty school dropout, steals the money and runs off to New York. Jennifer gets another chance and goes to New York, only to be lured into becoming a housekeeper for Joe Morgan, a horse rancher, who tricks her into marriage. She finds herself saddled to a stubborn, old man twice her age, who refuses to let her go. She escapes, falls in love, and finds herself a suspect for murder.

This is a witty, detailed account of a young woman's independent need to find herself, but she gets into one bad situation after another. As a young woman, Jennifer Green, dreams of making something of herself only to see her dreams shattered time and time again. But she perseveres through taking care of siblings, getting her big chance to get away, only to be in another situation of losing her dreams by finding herself married to an older man she doesn't love or respect. She escapes and finds love, only to have her ex-husband ruin it for her, and she finds herself on trial for murder.

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