A Faithful Choice

General Fiction

By Theresa Grant

Publisher : Xlibris Corp

A Faithful Choice

ABOUT Theresa Grant

Theresa Grant
I have been a writer for twelve years. I have studied my craft for six of those twelve years at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland, Long ridge Writers GroupĀ  and Universal Class I have written four books. I like to write women's fiction with elements of romance and to delve into ot More...



Follow a woman's journey through complicated life and find out how A Faiathful Choice changes her life forever in this riviting tale.

After running away from home when her mother marries the man who has more than fatherly intentions toward her, Dolores finds herself living with her boyfriend Sonny and his aunt, who later forced them to marry after discovering them making love. Soon, she becomes pregnant, but Sonny has no desire to make things better for them. Dolores then gets a job, makes money, hires a baby sitter and goes to business school. However, she gets pregnant again. After leaving Sonny and finishing school, she meets Leonard Velasco, the man who will introduce her to a world of riches-- and change her whole life. But where will these events lead her?