Mirabilis season two: Spring

ABOUT Dave Morris

Dave Morris
I was the first boy in Britain to meet a Dalek in the flesh (so to speak) when my Dad took me to the BBC workshops one dark January night in 1964. That early experience probably explains quite a lot. After a childhood spent daydreaming about aliens and vampires, I discovered Marvel Comics More...


The green comet is coming closer, pulling magic back into the world as it comes. Jack and Estelle have been missing for months, thought drowned, and now have an idyllic new life on the sea bed with no memory of their loved ones. But it's not a good time for our heroes to have amnesia, as old and new foes gather with a plan to reshape the world forever.

The dawn of a new century. A mysterious green comet appears in the sky. As the comet draws ever nearer, strange events start to become part of everyday life. The Year of Wonders has begun. People wake up to find a world of marvels outside their window. There’s a troll under London Bridge. Mermaids are swimming up the Mississippi. Is that a dragon trying to hatch the Taj Mahal? And every rainbow ends in a pot of gold. Fantasy is part of the everyday world and nothing will be the same again. But fantasy is a coin with two sides, and there are also age-old nightmares waiting in the darkness to become real again.

"A new surprise on almost every page... One of my favourite books of the year." - Book Zone For Boys

"It's the weird nightmarish things that seep into the story that make Mirabilis really special. I was completely captivated." - Lew Stringer

"Morris deftly establishes a volatile chemistry between the trio, who are forced to work together as they are drawn into an esoteric conspiracy, centring around an ancient gold coin and the mysterious Royal Mythological Society." - Stephen Jewell, SFX

"My continuing love for Mirabilis just grows and grows. I'm really looking forward to the collection." - Richard Burton, Forbidden Planet International

"The characters and events are believable and the script has a nice flow that is easy to read and lures you into it. There's a nice narrative/storytelling feel to the script, almost musical." - Joe Milone, Kitty's Pryde