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Blue Quill Books is the home of contemporary literature by independent authors Jillian Brookes-Ward and Lucy Pepperdine. Visit the website at for further details of current and future publications.



Stuck in an afterlife ripe with bureaucracy, Maxine won't let little inconveniences like death and red tape keep her from her loved ones.

Snatched out of life by a tragic accident, Maxine wakes to find herself in the afterlife, and it's not all harps and clouds and celestial choir practise. Rife with petty bureaucracy, she soon finds it can be bloody hard work.

However, once she gets over her initial shock, she soon settles into her new home in the township she comes to know as Evermore, making friends and training for a new job, and loses no time in using and abusing the privilege of her position to visit, watch over and take care of her family, especially her beloved husband, Robert, now forced to muddle through his life as best he can without her.

  *Caution - some strong language, scenes of mild peril and some adult scenes*