The Simplest Book Ever on Life, Attitude and Happiness, Happiness

ABOUT Martin Gover

martin gover
a writer on life, happiness and other vices



This small book that will offer ideas and concepts that will show you how to make space in the world for your life. Your dreams and goals.

This small book that will demonstrate the steps you take to create adventure, fulfillment, achievement and maybe even miracles in your life.

From the Intro:-
Attitude is 100% under your control – (yours to choose, use or lose, as they say)
Happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction in a life ALWAYS and ONLY come as a consequence of some other activity. That is you don’t just create ‘happy’ or ‘satisfied’ – you have to be doing something with your life that as a byproduct creates these states.

Yes - Writing about it is easy; it’s the doing that’s hard.
(see Getting Your Mind right)

Note 1; success is a personal thing – it’s your success, not what others tell you is successful.
Your success is achieving goals, dreams, ideas you believe in, and work for

Note 2: to get rich (as with most things) - the book cover of ‘ Think and Grow Rich’ tells you most of what you need to know about getting rich – it’s in the title.

The reason that most C students have all the A students working for them is the A students out think everything and the C students don’t know enough to out think themselves.

It’s not what you know that creates success, it’s unlearning all the stuff you think you know.

People who are; driven, a little crazy, weird and generally anti-social, or considered outside the norm, can create amazing results in their lives because they are focused (fixated)on one desire and are so extreme they don’t know about balance, logic, obvious facts and consequences. They just - DO.

This is not about making money, getting rich, owning Lear jets (though none of those are excluded) this is about creating a life that is worth living. This is how to create a life that is full. Adventure? Fulfilled? Exciting? Rewarding? All of that. Absolutely and definitely.

And it’s your choice. Yours for the taking.

'Any activity where you let go of fears and doubts and inertia, and move toward a goal you desire brings, if not the goal itself (which may or may not be available to you) but brings you a life full of adventure, dedication, excitement and fulfillment – in other words – satisfaction and happiness'