ABOUT Jodi Lapalm

jodi lapalm
Wife. Mother. Cancer Survivor. Martini Enthusiast. Somewhere amid the craze of volunteering, school events, sports activities, household duties, and social networking, JODI LAPALM finds time to write. Her stories often explore psychological turmoil within her characters and highlight conte More...



We may not have control over the journey through life, but we do hold the power to determine our path.

Andie Preston is living on her own terms. Without her well-established husband or his powerful family connections. Without the familiar landscape of her hometown and reliable support from people close to her. Without a dark cloud of illness looming over her raven-haired head.

Intent on shedding a past filled with lies, fear, and heartache, she relocates to the South Carolina coast. And with a new career, her own home, and a second chance to do everything right, Andie soon realizes each painful step toward freedom carries her closer to the life she fought to preserve and a love once believed impossible.