ABOUT Ann Stewart

Ann Stewart
I have been walking with the Lord for thirty years. In that time, during many ups and downs, He has been so very faithful to my family and me.

Having witnessed and been at the receiving end of a number of miracles and healings, the Holy Spirit prompted me - after an exceptional More...



This is Jack’s story – of how he lay in a hospital bed for months, not knowing who he was, where he was, or what he was. After a series of traumatic trials, errors, physical pain and mental anguish, he was beset with a stroke, paralysis and trauma about his ordeals. Doctors had given up on him. But... he had a personal encounter with the Lord, who told him: "Take my hand; I’ll lead you through it."

Since that moment he has been living one day at a time to the fullest in his gradual recuperation over the past 4 years. Each day has been one of increasing faith, joy and healing with his focus solely fastened on the day at hand, in anticipation of what the Lord is going to do next. He has not looked back. Now he proclaims what the Lord has done to everyone he meets. He has made a conscious decision not to dwell on the horrors behind him. The whole story must be told, and the Lord has gently prompted me to do so at this time when the emotional wounds have healed. Jack can now finally look back triumphantly at the wondrous works the Lord has done. Although Jack is the principal subject, due to short-term memory loss, medications and trauma, he "was not there." Consequently he has only been able to fill in a few blanks from his perspective.