The 7 Lamps of Inspiration (A Paulo Coelho Type of Book)

The 7 Lamps of Inspiration (A Paulo Coelho Type of Book)

ABOUT Gaiven Clairmont

Gaiven Clairmont



Praise For The 7 Lamps of Inspiration

"I cannot describe how inspired I am after reading your work!! Gaiven my friend, God has touched every part of your life and your acknowledgment of Him is a testament to the road you've traveled!! Your book is sure to inspire all those that read it, which in turn will touch millions of other..."- Johnna Stewart

"Gaiven has a way of writing words that speak from one heart to another. I'm not really into poems yet the words speak volumes. This book is more than inspirational, its exceptional. :)"- Jacole Laryea

"You'll do more than just read the words; you can feel them. The words enter your heart, ease your mind, and soothes your soul"- Kiera Northington

Quotes From The 7 lamps of Inspiration

"They say God gave us light, but he didn't stop there, he also gave us inspiration so that when the Sun sets, we could create our own spark and illuminate the world one 1 lamp at a time"

"Sometimes one has to walk the roughest of roads in order to be a destination for others to aspire to reach.”


I believe everyone of us have the capacity for GREATNESS!!!

This book was written not just for people to achieve their destiny, but for people to become a DESTINATION for others to follow.

The 7 Lamps of Inspiration is meant act as an aid on your journeys through life. It consists of a collection of inspiring poetry, quotes and short stories, together with a couple of excerpts from future novels that I intend to release.

I want people to believe in achieving their dreams and I believe by lighting a spark in them, just like lighting a lamp, every dream is achievable.

Why Did I Write This Book?

This book was written because I believe mankind has the potential to as one race be more advanced in our way of thinking and also advanced in our way of life.

Because I believe God blessed me with the gift of words, I believe I owe it to humanity to give something back to this world to help make it a better place.

As such I believe by reading the poems, stories and quotes. in this book. You will find your own place in life so as to leave your own mark with a signature that will be read for centuries and centuries to come, thus making you immortal in the eyes of those who will be in awe of your accomplishments.

Read this sample poem and get ready for more light to come into your life.

The question is

To be more than you were born with
Or born into

To be more than this world has pre-ordained for you

Be more than your predecessors
Be more than the words others have cast your way

Build yourself
Your name
Your principles
So that they are likened unto mountains
That they become pillars to time eternal

For when you are dead and gone
All that’ll be left is your name
And what it stood for

So be not confined to society’s prisons
Free your mind
And free yourself
And you will be more than a man
You will be an idea
An idea that’ll influence others for generations to come

Be that and you will turn the knob to your own destiny
And walk through the door of your own immortality.

1-click today and light one more lamp in this World.