Wheezer and the Shy Coyote: Mystery From the Trail of Tears (Volume 2)

ABOUT Kitty Sutton

Kitty Sutton
Kitty Sutton was born Kathleen Kelley to a Cherokee/Irish family. Both sides of her family were from performing families in Kansas City, Missouri and Kitty was trained from an early age in dance, vocal, art and musical instruments. Her father was a Naval band leader. During the Great D More...



Ideal for mature middle grade readers to adult - anyone interested in Native American history. As the People settled into Indian Territory, having survived the forced march, the disease ridden supplies and stolen food, a new and insidious enemy threatened them - an enemy in a jug. A conspiracy between soldiers, shopkeepers and others introduced whiskey to the displaced men, incapacitating them and causing the decay of their burgeoning quality of life in the newly defined Territory. When Sasa and her friends investigate, their lives are threatened. Into this intrigue comes Coyote, half Lakota and half Blackfoot, forced to live on the fringe of society among his mother's people. Dishonored and distrusted, Coyote comes to the Territory to seek answers from other tribes, and from the Creator, to find his purpose in life. One purpose just might be to save Sasa's life. And what about Wheezer's new friend, a wild coyote Sasa calls Yellow Eyes? "Wheezer and the Painted Frog is at once joyous and heartbreaking. You will ache for the suffering, be outraged by the wrongs fascinated by the way of life, identify with Sasa and above all you will love Wheezer. You will look for his spirit in every dog you meet! Good luck and all best wishes Anne" Anne Perry, Author of Acceptable Loss