Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors

ABOUT Dr Tom Potisk

Dr Tom Potisk
Dr. Tom Potisk is one of America’s leading natural health care practitioners.  Among his many achievements, he was elected Wisconsin Chiropractor of the Year, publishes blogs, authors books,and continues to lecture extensively.  His goal is to improve lives by empowering others to make More...


Reclaim the Joy of Practice is a service operated by Dr Tom Potisk. The mission is to empower DCs to gain more growth, income, and stability in their personal and professional lives. Products besides the popular  Reclaim ebook and related eWorkbook/study guide include the unique Wellness Wins patient education booklet with customized PowerPoint program, the inspirational Bible Based Health Care  lay lecture with customized PowerPoint program, the powerful Whole Health Healing community lecture program, the outstanding Wellness Wins work-place wellness program, the practice boosting Killer Close new patient conversion script/dialogue, the attention-grabbing Giant Spine Parade and Event Costume, the instructional Reclaim the Joy of Practice: An Advanced Guide for Advancing Doctors eBook and its related webinar series. Services offered include Individual coaching and counseling, individual new patient marketing planning and acquisition, and the Prospering with Successful Associates training program.

Dr Tom Potisk, now an Amazon bestselling author, operated a highly successful multi-DC family practice for 25 years, has been elected Chiropractor of the Year by his state association, and has been proclaimed America’s Most Successful Chiropractorby several media sources. He is available as a speaker for chiropractic events.

-for more information contact Dr Tom Potisk at 262-835-176, or Be sure and read Dr Potisk’s latest practice boosting tips at

Hey doc, when was the last time you experienced joy as a doctor? Being a doctor has become more challenging than ever before, yet a few doctors are thriving and overflowing with joy. I’ve spent years searching out, visiting, observing, and interviewing dozens of doctors that have the abundant, stable, and overwhelming joy that we all want and need. I discovered a system that is learn-able and practical for any doctor to implement. As a result of utilizing the system myself, both my practice and my life have been nothing short of extraordinary. In response to the common question I’m asked “How did you do all that?”; I’m now assisting other doctors with the system I developed called Reclaim the Joy of Practice. This program is not for every doctor. If you are content with what you’re doing – keep up the good work! But if you want to be able to throw your arms up in the air, jump up and down and scream with the joy that can and should come with the satisfaction of being a doctor, this program is designed to get you there or at least a lot closer to it. I did it – you’re next! Nor is this program like any other practice management, business development, marketing, or executive training system you may have participated in previously. Those have their benefits, but the Reclaim the Joy of Practice program focuses on what those others miss – a doctor’s heart and soul. Ultimately, this program is about helping you grow to become a better person overall. If your family, staff, and patients heard about you doing this they would applaud. This book, although written by and aimed at Chiropractors, needs to be read by every doctor. If you are not a doctor but perhaps a patient, spouse or friend; this book makes an excellent gift!

-“Dr. Tom's program was fantastic! I laughed, I cried, and I went back to my practice with a new, deeper sense of dedication and confidence. All DCs need to hear his message!” - Dr. Donna Stackpool, Lake Geneva WI

-“Reclaim the Joy of Practice was an amazing presentation!  Dr. Potisk made the evening fun and enlightening with great tips on how to stay happy and truly enjoy Chiropractic.  I loved the history references with BJ.  It was a great reminder of how generations past fought for Chiropractic and how we need to honor them and the profession AND continue the passion.  Thanks Dr. Potisk for lighting the fire again!” – Tara Gill DC, Delevan WI

-" After 36 years in practice, I've heard dozens of great speakers.  Last night Dr. Tom Potisk gave one of the most stirring and compassionate presentations I've ever experienced.  I left the room inspired  and with a new  sense of dedication to this great profession." - Jerry Zelm DC, Oconomowoc WI

-“It is my privilege to have known Dr. Thomas Potisk for the past 15 years. Since joining the congregation, Dr. Potisk has risen steadily as a lay leader and currently serves as chairman of our board of elders. He is a frequent speaker and exhibitor at health fairs and models healthy living. He has served as my personal chiropractor for a number of years until cartilage loss in his hands put an early end to his active practice. Since retiring from daily practice he has been writing and promoting healthy living materials on his website and in print. I have only the highest respect both for his Christian faith but also his commitment to healthy living. He would make an excellent speaker for any events, especially instructing DCs. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to write or call.” - Pastor Mark Jeske, Senior PastorSt. Marcus Lutheran Church

-“Dr Tom Potisk has a remarkable message for chiropractors at all stages of their career. His experiences with a successful multi-DC practice, his awards, his short-term mission chiropractic trips, and his credibility all show in his very motivating presentations.”- Dr Victor Strang, Palmer College of Chiropractic.

"What a practical and well written book for Chiropractors! Your integrity shines through. My office is setting records thanks in large part to your information and my joy is soaring. No wonder they call you the best!" - Brian Trautman DC