The Devil You Know

General Fiction

By Sexcee Jackson

Publisher : Sexcee Mynd Books

ABOUT Sexcee Jackson

Sexcee Jackson
Mother, Writer, & REAList!!  ;-)



Love, Honor, & Protection! Meet Tranerious "Mac-C" McClintock, millionaire major league baseball player for the Los Angeles Dodgers who has never met a paparazzi's camera that he didn't like. His fiancé Angie, who grew up in Compton foster care with no family, is a USC law graduate who's studying for the BAR exam. Although she's not sure she's in love and has yet to open up to him about her abusive childhood, she decides to marry him anyway against her best friend Satanya's better judgment. When Angie discovers that her birth certificate is a fake and memories of her tumultuous childhood resurface, her connection with her fiancé becomes stronger as her friendship with her bestie becomes strained by thoughts of evil and jealousy. Let yourself indulge in a story about Angie's quest for self-discovery, hope for unconditional love, and friendships formed and broken as this drama filled story unfolds all while a celebrity wedding is being planned keeping you glued to the walk down the aisle and beyond.