Bitter ~ Sweet Honesty

ABOUT Sharon Lee Hobbs

Sharon Lee Hobbs
Just a little about me ~ I love meeting people. I love dream catchers and I love to write. That has been my dream along my lifes journey. Although it seems to change constantly. God is leading me down paths I would have never gone. Some could be writing for those who need some inspiration More...


After visiting the mountains several times, Sarah decides that it’s time for her to make a move and go live at a bed and breakfast/inn where she has been vacationing at for years. Follow her new journey, as she settles in and her family comes for visits with her. You will meet Pastor Jeremy, Allison & Cory, Sarah’s daughter and husband, Gaven & Leigh, who own the Bed & Breakfast and Inn, Clint & Raven, who want to buy the properties, Mike & Leroy, the two handy men, Irma & Sven, who help out around the Inn and Bread & Breakfast, and Gaven’s daughter Tori. If you are lucky, you may even get a glimpse of Gaven’s deceased wife Angelic, from time to time. Then there are the kids: Sam and Jake, Tori’s boys, Felicia, Ariel, Abbey, & CJ, Allison and Cory’s kids. You never know what is going to happen next, but you will be glued to your seat from the beginning to the very end! Join us and enjoy your visit with Sarah and friends in Tucker County, for some adventure, laughter, tears, revenge, death and destruction. Stay awhile when you visit and feel the magic, and you'll soon know that within the mountain comes so much love, you simply have to look into the hearts of those already there to find it.