How To Write Publish & Market A Book: Writers Recipe Book For Self Publishing

ABOUT Bruce Goldwell

Bruce Goldwell
I am the author of the Dragon Keepers series which I hope will become the next big book trilogy of "wizard books". The series is a fantasy adventure of Merlin the Wizard (Magician) that includes Dragons, fairies, mermaids, unicorns, and lots of other fairy tale creatures. Books  More...



A How-To Guide for First-time Authors
on Writing, Publishing and Market a Book!

Bruce Goldwell treats the subject of writing, publishing and marketing a book like it is a recipe. How To Write, Publish & Market A Book is a reference guide that first-time authors can use to have everything in place so they can self-publish their book. This book is an easy to understand guide that touches on the basic's of how to successfully prepare for publishing.

Bruce practices one of the core principles that Jill Lublin (author of “ Get Noticed... Get Referrals: Build Your Client Base and Your Business by Making a Name For Yourself.”) teaches – that building networks and using referral-based marketing is central to ones being successful. When people work with each other they can achieve outstanding results.

Here are the Ingredients (Chapters) for this book:

1 heaping scoop of ‘great idea’
1-2 lines of ‘Hot’ Title
1 fully typed manuscript (the book) .doc file
6 highly researched top keywords
1 well written description about your book
1 attractive book cover
2 scoops of genre
1-2 retail prices for book/eBook
1 great Editor
1 Publisher
1 eBook
1 Marketing plan
1+ Press releases (PR's)
1+ Youtube videos
1 author Networking group

How To Write, Publish & Market A Book not only gives first-time authors some helpful information on writing, publishing and marketing their book, but also gives authors some useful recipes they can use so they can eat heartily while writing. Goldwell shares personal recipes he has developed over the years which includes the recipe for his SizziQ© Basic BBQ sauce. A recipe created by Shawn Bucher, Gourmet Chef and Author of The First Timers Cookbook.

Bruce is the administrator of a group on Facebook called The Writers Network and a few of the authors in the group have also shared their favorite recipes too. Bruce invites first-time authors that read this book to join The Writers Network on Facebook so they can network with authors in the group. This book is not intended to be a master's guide for new authors but rather a guide to help get first-timers on the right path and through the process of publishing their first book.