Tommie's Favorite Stories (and Jokes)

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Thomas Kane



A lifetime of actual stories and jokes that are written in a read out loud format that provides the teller/reader and the listener the experience of the story. Story chapters include family, love and marraige, Notre Dame, sports, and just living life. I have told every one of the jokes, even the few obscene ones.A favorite, which I encourage every man to ask his lady is..."What sexual position produces the most beautiful babies?" after a pause or a guess from your lady.....tell her...."Ask your Mother....! The snail story at my friend, Gordon's eulogy is another cherished story and I am sure you will laugh along with the 250 people at Gordon's services. And you will visualize the best pratical joker I have ever encountered. He was an in ground coal miner from Scotland who made several suited types, myself included, almost fall over with laughter by blowing his nose. The last joke on the last page is a bit naughty affair in how two young people got 25 people to stop using drugs. Enjoy them all just as I have and do every day of my life..... tommie