ABOUT Kathy McCurry

Kathy McCurry
Attended Toccoa Falls College,inspired author and a book reader too. I always loved Stephen King, Clive Barker and Stephen Spielberg books and movies. I love to write stories that can happen in real life and out of the ordinary. I don't like to stay tied down to writing one book at a time More...




A young woman encounters a mysterious light in a field near a Native American burial ground. She walks closer to this light and is suddenly overwhelmed by the strange phenomenon. Shocked and confused, she seeks out the answers to what happen to her only to find the truth when she learns she has an incredible power to help others.
A vacation trip to Rome turns tragic, as a young boy possessed by the devil confronts her? Will she be able to bring relief to the boy's Father, who has no options left but one, to end the boy's life?
Will she become part of a worldwide church and be a missionary to travel all over the dark corners of the Earth?
What will she do as the future unfolds for her on her incredible journey through the rest of her life?
This is book one of a two book series, "The Gift from the Light."
Part Two will be titled, The Gift from the Light, Part Two, "The Storm is coming!"