Ripped Away

Mystery & Thrillers, Romance

By Wendy Miller

Publisher : Wendy Miller

ABOUT Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller
I'm an author and photographer, as well as a single homeschooling mother of two. I write romantic suspense, and have published two novels so far, and am about to publish my third.


Laurel Bailey is a great detective. Her personal life isn't so great: she's dealing with her ex-husband who still wants her back, and trying to figure out what kind of relationship she wants with her new boyfriend, family law lawyer Alex Parrish.

When a distraught father rushes into the police station to report his infant daughter missing, Laurel is eager to investigate. Alex is pushing for a commitment, and she uses the investigation as an excuse to avoid him. But her investigation ends up leading her straight to him: as more kids go missing, he's the only connection.

When Alex is arrested, Laurel is determined to prove his innocence. She risks her career, and her own freedom, to dig into his life and his past. But the things she finds may not clear his name.

Has Laurel risked everything for a man who didn't deserve it? Or can she and Alex find the proof they need to establish his innocence?

This was the idea I had for the 2012 NaNoWriMo. I wrote it in 30 days, then set it aside for a month before going back, making a bunch of changes, which I then changed back, before changing them again. Finally, I decided I couldn't keep changing it and after final edits, I released it to the world.