Change Your World in 71 Days: How to Get Maximum Results with Minimum Change

ABOUT Tom Connellan

Tom Connellan
When companies like Marriott, Dell, and GE want to take performance to another level, they all turn to one man— Tom Connellan.  And with good reason.  Whether it’s an hour-long keynote or a day-long interactive session, Tom’s unique combination of solid research and street-smart bu More...



It’s no secret that people feel stuck, worn down by the economy, and distrustful of their elected representatives. Job satisfaction is at an all-time low.Polls show that people feel worse about their work, bosses and organizations than ever before. Research out of Harvard shows that the number one thing most people are missing right now is a sense of progress. They feel bogged down. They have no traction. No momentum.
But it doesn’t have to be that way because Tom Connellan gives you a blueprint that builds traction and momentum. It’s part of a practice Tom has labeled OneNomics that’s proven successful in both your personal and professional life.

OneNomics blends fundamental concepts from Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology into a set of tools that steadily create traction and momentum. The tools work because they’re based not on opinion but on research, testing, and application.

Change Your World in 71 Days lives up to Tom’s reputation for delivering insight, wisdom, and actionable ideas. It includes examples from work, sports, weight loss, relationships, student study habits, and self-talk.

There’s even a chapter titled “The Ninth Wonder of the World: Jack Becomes the Warren Buffett of Peak Performance” that will give you an insightful look at how Peak Performers become Peak Performers.

Whether you want traction and momentum in your life, job, or community, Change Your World in 71 Days gives you a blueprint for all three