Charge that to the Game

General Fiction, Romance

By Krystal Milton

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Tayvanna Curtis has just found out her real mother left her on her parents door step with a sign saying "take it", and to make matters worse she is fighting in school, stealing and vandalizing property as she tries to come to terms with who she is and why her life has been so hard, questioning her purpose in life.

Laquisha Porter is a single mother of six on the brink of bankruptcy and self distruction. When the bills keep coming, her bank account is overdrawn and her fridge remains empty she is faced with the decision to keep her children or give them away.

Finesse Wilks is a hard drug dealer on the streets, making that paper and driving fly cars when he is told his wifey, the woman carrying his child, has not been faithful and their baby might not be his. When faced with this news he must decide if he will walk away from it all, or use his gun for the first time.

Charge that to the Game is an insiteful view of how life can be in the streets, and what people will do when faced with tough situations, and what their decisions will do to their lives, whether it was a good or bad one.


Charge that to the Game First book in Charge that Series Author Krystal Milton Published August 2012 Available in Ebook on

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