ABOUT Karen Thayer

Karen Thayer
I grew up near Durango, Colorado.  I now live in Dripping Springs, TX with my husband and three children.  I love gardening and traveling when I take a break from writing.  



"The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one Step." Lao Tzu

On her way to a world of possibilities, and a chance to leave her past behind, Kat's life is torn apart by tragedy and loss, hastening the development of new and astonishing abilities.

Powerful enemies have been waiting for such a one. Savior to some and the downfall of others, Kat falls into a world of suspicion and subterfuge as she starts college at Colorado State.

Naïve about who she is, what she can do, and the power she has, Kat falls for Gavin, the dark, mysterious son of the McIntyre clan. The clan is her protector, her savior and quite possibly her enemy.

As her abilities strengthen, dark forces congregate, seeking to consume her power. The people she trusts are not what they seem and her safety is threatened by forces intent on piercing the chrysalis that is Kat.

For Gavin, she could mean the end of everything he has known--or the beginning of something he can only imagine.

Who is she? What is she--and in finding out, will she lose everything?

"I couldn't put this book down once I started reading it! It grabbed me at the prologue and didn't let me go until the last sentence!