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Mahogani P
Her first novel, The Soul Of Toya Daniels, received wide acclaim from her peers, family, friends and other Authors. In 2008, she co-host with King Pen A.S. on the blog talk radio show, "Heat Mag Radio". It is with this experience where she launched her own radio show called " More...



It's been 2 years since Toya left home to start a new life with her new husband, Dre. She has a brand new salon, new employees and new friends. Everything she tried to escape has been left in the past. 
The say the past has a way of catching up to you, well in Toy Daniels case, the past began to resurrect from the dead. 

When her loving husband Dre, his assistant Diamond and a family kept secret , begin to take over Toya's life she becomes another person. Someone who she wanted desperately to forget. Toya eventually finds herself backed against a wall, with no one to trust. Determined to hold her family together, Toya sets out on a path of revenge that no one sees coming, not even her own family...