ABOUT Malo Bel

Malo Bel
Saved by grace, living abundantly through Jesus. What an awesome place to be. I am a resident of the Kingdom of God in the State of Grace. Hope to see you there too.



An unbelievable journey, that's what it is. A journey to meet Jesus, a journey that is life changing. Join the journey and ask yourself, have I truly met Jesus? Have I truly experienced the "abundant life" he offers.

""Is there no God?" I silently ask.

After a few moments my resolve somehow renews. Digging my hands into small crevices in the rock to drag me forward I continue to slowly inch toward the light. My nails tear as they scrabble to pull my weight forward. My shirt rips off as the rock above and stony ground below conspire together to tear it away. My shorts are in tatters. My breathing is labored in this narrow grave. A fitting hole for a crazy person to finally end.

Yet just before I finally give in, the space suddenly widens slightly. My breathing eases and with hope I make a final effort to reach the light. With all my remaining strength I pull and kick and finally scramble out of my tomb.

I lift my weary head and look up.
I am stunned by what I see!"