Journey Beyond Words

Journey Beyond Words

ABOUT Russell S. Hill

Russell S. Hill


A riveting, true life, account of the unseen, mysterious world of the world's most powerful plant medicine. Journey Beyond Words is an incredible tale of one man's journey into the Amazonian rainforest of Peru and his amazing adventure with ayahuasca.

Join author Russell Hill as he escorts you to the edge of consciousness and beyond in this exciting true story of self discovery, healing and spiritual awakening. You'll want to hold on tight to the edge of your seat as you begin your voyage into the supernatural world of ayahuasca.

Each page comes alive with extraordinary experiences including multi-dimensional travel, the expansion of consciousness, spirit communication and visitations from extraterrestrial beings.

Working under the tutelage of experienced shaman, Russell embarks on an inner journey that defies comprehension. Journey Beyond Words is a riveting account of a forty day voyage into an expanded state of consciousness.