ABOUT Jack Comeau

Jack Comeau
Though Jack Comeau has made his living as an Emmy Award-winning Lighting Designer for TV and Film, he has stayed close to his seagoing roots. His grandfather was a Grand Banks fisherman from Nova Scotia. Jack has spent years crewing old New England schooners much like the one that appears  More...



Sometimes we have to go back to the time when things went wrong in order to make them right...

George Cooper, a 35-year-old Bostonian in a thankless job, is at the end of his rope. Desperate for change, he needs a way to gain the perspective and courage needed to do so.

After a crushing Thanksgiving encounter with his abusive, semi-ex-girlfriend, he ventures to the local island of Nantucket in search of that much-needed perspective. Little does he know that this magical, timeless island will challenge, then shatter, every perception he's ever had about life -- both his own and in general -- as his three-day weekend becomes an adventure spanning centuries.

He left Boston a loser, but will come home a hero.