Who we really are

Who we really are

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Gadi Fishman



Who We Really Are is about a naïve youngster who is forced to live in foreign country and his ordeals while living there as he becomes a man. Born in Russia and raised in Israel, Al is sent to New York at the insistence of his mother who disapproves his decision to join the Israeli army. In New York, he is forced to live with his biological father whom he never seen, Tom, and work at the gas station. There are times he misses his family in Israel, especially his half-brother, Jim, and finds himself yearning to return to the country. His sorrow is replaced with excitement when Jim also decides to stay with him in New York. Since then, Jim becomes his companion in all the things he does, including drinking alcohol and dealing with women. But Al's happiness ends abruptly when Jim suddenly dies. The sorrow brought by Jim's death, coupled with his problems at work and with women, leads Al to suffer depression. He turns to alcohol for comfort, which soon leads to addiction. But his alcoholism only matters worse, and when he decides to change for the better, it is then too late for he already lost the ones he loved, and the fight with addiction is too great. Al, however, is thankful to realize his mistakes in the end learns to appreciate the simple gifts and blessings in life. "Who We Really Are" might appeal to readers interested in stories that revolve around a man's quest for companionship, peace, and contentment. This story reveals; when there is a will, hope will prevail.