Two Mothers Twin Daughters

Two Mothers Twin Daughters

ABOUT Marilyn Friesen

Marilyn Friesen
Marilyn is a Mennonite mother to nine children and is enjoying the addition of grandchildren to the family. She and her husband will soon have beenĀ married for forty years. Marilyn loves to write. When she isn't busy on one of her blogs, she may be studiously working on another book. Yo More...



In the midst of World War II, England swarms with Allied troops. Eighteen-year-old Marita Parson falls in love with dashing Canadian soldier Randall Harrison and defies her straight-laced, conservative parents, marrying Randall and setting off a chain of events that will forever alter her young life.

Whisked off to that vast land across the ocean, Marita arrives in Canada scared and alone. There, she discovers that Randall is not the man he says he is and may even have a criminal past. Going back to England is not an option, and the situation grows even more complex when Marita finds out she is pregnant.

Marita gives birth to identical twin girls, but faces a heartbreaking decision: should she keep both babies and subject them to a miserable life? In an act of charity-or desperation-she gives one of her beloved daughters to a foster mother and tries to hide her grief in pouring all the love she can into raising her remaining daughter, Emily. But it is not enough, and she seeks to fill the emptiness in her soul with God's enduring grace.

When Randall finally returns, Marita faces the ultimate test: should she reveal her secret to him and possibly destroy any chance of happiness she might find?

Two Mothers, Twin Daughters is an inspiring story about the amazing power of God's redemptive love.