Heaven Can't Wait

ABOUT Jai Ellis

Jai Ellis
Although I am fairly new to the world of self publishing, I have been writing since I was in middle school. I think that the reason I love to write is because I like to be in control of the outcome of things. I also love reading as much as I love writing. My favorite book is The Coldest Wi More...



My name is Heaven. Don't ask me why my mama named me that cuz I couldn't tell you. It seems like my life has been one hellish event after another, but I'm a fighter so I know I get through anything.
Well, that's what I thought until I found myself torn between two men and faced with making a decision between life and death. I know what you're thinking, another love triangle, but believe me this anything but a LOVE triangle.
Who knew that one bad could result in so much hate, violence and destruction? In the end, I just may have to walk through hell one last time. The only thing is, I'm not sure I'll make it out this time.