The Haunting of Holden Castle

The Haunting of Holden Castle

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Ben Tousey
According to the Oracle of the Bacon, Ben Tousey is 4 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. Ben's book, "Acting Your Dreams" was reviewed by psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Vath, who also counseled Debby Boone. Debby Boone was in 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders with Brandy Norwood--who  More...



Holden Castle has dark, turbulent, secrets and two innocent young men find themselves standing in proxy, reliving the roles of earlier tragic figures long since dead.

Tony is an attractive young man recovering from a breakup with the man he thought he would spend the rest of his life with. On the bus from the airport to Holden Castle, which is now an internationally famous four-star hotel, he meets Sean, who has also just ended a long-term relationship with the woman he thought he was going to marry.

It’s the legend of the castle that’s its biggest draw. Prince Holden had fallen deeply in love with a servant girl, but was being forced to marry against his will by his father, dubbed the Tyrant King. When Princess Aednat discovered the Prince’s secret love, she exposed it, and the kingdom was thrown into turmoil. The Prince was so upset he retreated within himself and would not talk to anyone. As an act of final revenge, the princess pushed him off the cliffs late one night while he was walking.

That’s how the story has been told since fourteen-hundred.

From the moment they arrive, Sean and Tony experience a profound and distinct sense of déjà vu, as if they’re living their lives and the life of someone else at the same time. They learn that, buried deeply in the many mysteries of this castle, they are the secret.