The Children of the Night (The Eye of the Morning)

ABOUT Ben Tousey

Ben Tousey
According to the Oracle of the Bacon, Ben Tousey is 4 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon. Ben's book, "Acting Your Dreams" was reviewed by psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Vath, who also counseled Debby Boone. Debby Boone was in 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders with Brandy Norwood--who  More...



He was too young to die, and when it was his time, he planned to do his dying all at once.

Julian was a young beggar in the medieval city of Omradam who was driven to thievery by extreme hunger… a single loaf of bread from a baker’s cart. This single act would draw the attention of Omradam’s top General, and Julian would find his arrest bittersweet.

The soldier was tall and powerfully built. The horse he sat upon was the biggest horse Julian had ever seen… and he positioned Julian directly in front of him. As they rode, Julian felt his slender body bouncing up and down amid the powerful thighs of his captor. On either side of him were the warrior’s muscular arms. And behind him, Julian wished he could just sink into that burly chest.

But life is nothing, if not ironic. It is sometimes filled with pleasure, and sometimes filled with pain—most often at the same time. Julian was about to cross the line between the living and the dead.