For the Heart's Treasure

Romance, General Fiction

By Frederick Fuller

Publisher : JodyBuc Publishing Co. via Create Space

ABOUT Frederick Fuller

Frederick Fuller
Novelist living in Virginia. Two novels published. Retired teacher.



"For the Heart's Treasure" is the story of a young man and a young woman who fall in love just before the 1929 crash of the New York Stock Market, the harbinger of the Great Depression. They are diametric opposites.

Jack Stewart, 28, movie-star handsome, is a dedicated skirt-chaser. A WWI army veteran and former U.S. Navy sailor, he admits to distributing his DNA all over the world in his conquests of women.

Eva Conner, 24, severely damaged by her upbringing and by a marriage to a man who left her with gonorrhea, is not ready for another relationship with any man. Her mother, a cruel and domineering passive-aggressive, continues to affect her adult life, and her father, divorced from her mother and remarried, is a drunk and a wife beater. Moreover, her five brothers are destructive alcoholics and her little sister is showing signs of a sociopathy.

Set against the Great Depression that subjected countless lives to turmoil and suffering similar to Eva's, they are married. Overshadowing their tenuous relationship is Jack's past exploits and Eva's fear that he may not have changed.

The action takes the reader from 1929 Chicago, to Louisville, Port Arthur, TX, and Denver. The characters are indelible.

My parents served as models for my main characters Jack and Eva. Truth is, I never knew much about their history, but I did know they met at a restaurant in Chicago in 1930. That's all I knew. So, being intrigued with the history of the Great Depression and knowing they began their married life right after the 1929 crash, I imagined them there. I so enjoyed writing the novel, learning about the Great Depression, and "watching" them negotiate the times.

I always try to read any Virginia writer and since Mr. Fuller is practically in my back yard, I had to give this one a read.

This is a love story, but it is not JUST a love story. The characters are memorable and people you wish you knew. It is set in the Great Depression era so the mores and manner of speaking are frank and honest to the time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read and can honestly recommend it to anyone interested in a good book by a fine writer with an eye for characters.

                                                                                 —Sandra M. Sauders

As you read the book, it's like you become part of the story or wished that you
could find that kind of love and dedication in your life.

This book is a must read. For those of you who hunger for a good love story, this is it. Not your typical love story so, hold onto your hats!!

Enjoy... I did.


Good theme,well written but badly in need of a proof reading. The author should have caught some of these numerous mistakes.

                                                                                    —Sheryl E. Mackey