The Point of No Return


JD Combs
I'm a newly self-published author who survives day-to-day life with my three kids by drinking cup after cup of hot tea. I'm a hot mess of a mama who tries so hard to be angelic and perfect. I work so hard to be mild mannered swim mom by day, but I turn into a kick ass hockey mama at night. More...



Charley, a devoted wife and mother of five, has a life that looks picture perfect to those around her. But years of living life in a neglected marriage make her question her relationship with her husband. Charley spends sleepless nights writing in her journal and trying to find happiness in the life she has. She's not sure she can continue living a dull, loveless life anymore.
When an old high school crush strikes up a conversation on the Internet, an innocent flirtation begins. Charley begins to, once again, feel alive and vibrant, but she quickly learns not everything is what it seems. Will her naiveté in the online world propel her toward the point of no return? Will the woman who seemed to have it all lose it in the blink of an eye? Or will Charley finally find the happiness she's been craving?