Reading The Dead - The Sarah Milton Chronicles

ABOUT J.B. Cameron

J.B. Cameron
J.B. Cameron spent over two decades working in IT, most recently as the IT Director for an online university in New Brunswick, Canada. In his off hours, he writes books, short stories, and screenplays. A product of American TV, his often dark style and black humor typically places fun, ex More...


The first book of an exciting paranormal detective comedy/thriller series!

While investigating the brutal murders committed by a mysterious serial killer known only as "Raithe," bookish LAPD Detective Sarah Milton is unprepared to have her entire world turned upside down. Innate powers to see the dead, lying dormant since her mother's murder, have reawakened in her after a near-fatal shooting. Along for the ride is Sarah's irrepressible thirteen-year-old childhood "imaginary friend," Anna Nigma, a most atypical poltergeist. Amid fears for her sanity, Sarah must come to grips with the realization that her reality is now a mix of the natural and supernatural, where powerful, ancient mystic symbols can grant amazing powers over life and death, and paranormal influence extends even into her current murder investigation. Forced to hide her abilities from everyone, Sarah, aided by her spectral friend, has no choice but to bring Raithe to justice on her own, before the sinister forces behind his murder spree claim yet another victim.

Reading The Dead began as a screenplay I finished in 2011. After moving on to short stories for a while, I sought to try something larger. Going back over the script, rough though it was, I found myself enjoying the interactions between Sarah and Anna, and recognized the unpolished gem that I had in their story. Despite the paranormal and mystery elements interwoven throughout the tale, what caught me about the script was its underlying story of two friends overcoming obstacles to find a place in each other's lives again. That's the story I saw when I read it, and I hope I managed to do it justice now.

"Interesting, engaging, smart, and funny!" - Miranda Smith

"I highly recommend this book to paranormal or crime story fans and give it 5 stars." - J. Marchant

"I look forward to being able to read the next books in the series!" - Jennifer Hensley