So Long Constipation, Part 1 (Volume 1)

Health, Mind & Body

By Katarina Nolte

Publisher : Katarina Nolte

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Katarina Nolte
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Are your bowel movements difficult to evacuate?
Are they dry, hard, too large or too small?
Do they require straining?
Do you fail to have a bowel movement after every meal?
Do you feel the urge to have a bowel movement only to fail to evacuate?
Do you feel that your bowel movements are incomplete?
Does your gut feel bloated, stuffed and tense?
Do you feel bloated after moderately sized meals?
Do you frequently belch or expel gas?
Does your constipation make you feel tired and moody?

Are you willing to spend a week reading a book about all the possible causes of constipation so that you can avoid them and regain regularity? 

If your answer to these questions is a resounding Yes!, then So Long Constipation, Part 1 is the book for you!

If you are at a point at which you need a book to help you defecate, you will have to find the constipation culprits and readjust your art de vivre by becoming creative. Being constipated means that you are stuck in a rut of some sort and to unstuck yourself, you will have to take the big picture approach that incorporates your entire mind-body system.

In So Long Constipation, Part 1 you will learn how to eliminate your constipation by learning what causes it and how this comes about. You will learn about the relationship between our daily environment and the gut. You will discover, in simple detail, how things like stress, industrial toxins and our modern diet and lifestyle influence the delicate balance of our mind-body system. You will familiarize yourself with the main aspects of this delicate balance in relation to gut function.

So Long Constipation, Part 1 takes care of the urgent part, namely, getting rid of constipation, while So Long Constipation, Part 2 focuses on creative, long term constipation prevention methods.

For now, your main objective is to understand how you got constipated in the first place, because once you get that, you will know how to return back to normal.

I wrote So Long Constipation, Part 1 as a result of having had chronic constipation that lasted nearly an entire year.

Six years ago, I noticed that I was periodically constipated and brushed it off, thinking it was just a temporary bout of irritable bowel (IBS) caused by stress. As the months went by, I felt increasingly annoyed by the situation, primarily because of my considerable knowledge on the subject of fitness and nutrition.

Eventually, having accepted the fact that I must have missed a detail or two, I begun to research the issue. Not only did I find the immediate solution for the problem, but I also came across information that helped me connect constipation to other common modern day ailments which are affecting an ever increasing number of individuals all around the world.

While ridding myself of constipation turned out to be a breeze, I learned that restoring and rebalancing related areas would require an all-encompassing approach and that the only way to do it all would be to take one small step at a time. Thus far, I have not been constipated a single day since and because eliminating constipation has been so easy and thorough, I decided to continue on this road and share my discoveries.

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So Long Constipation was originally supposed to be a single book, but the sheer amount of information coupled with the complexity of modern living and the uniqueness of each individual has lead me to the decision to write more on the subject so as to provide beneficial tidbits and ideas to anyone who happens to read the material.

I expect to write and publish So Long Constipation, Part 2 by or before the year 2016.

So Long Constipation, Part 1 was about the surprising causes of constipation and health problems caused by constipation, as well as related digestive and extra-digestive health problems; nutritional deficiencies, malnutrition, malabsorption and indigestion; and other useful information that will help you to take charge of your gut.

The goal was for each unique individual to be able to find multiple actions they can take to get results, while understanding that one size does not fit all, and that the body doesn't react in the same manner to a method or substance forever.

So Long Constipation, Part 2 will be about real food and how to prepare it in order to retain nutrients and digest thoroughly; how to avoid chemicals and materials that negatively affect digestion and overall wellness; easy and free D.I.Y. tips along with a surprisingly wide variety of alternative therapies; simple ways to stimulate regularity and ease the passing of stool; bowel cleansing, whole body cleansing, cleansing foods and diets; exercise, mindset, and lifestyle; essential nutrients in food sources and supplements; digestion-stimulating foods and foods to avoid; and natural hygiene and sanitation.

With So Long Constipation, Part 1 and So Long Constipation, Part 2 you will be armed to the teeth with information, never again having to succumb to constipation.