My Watch Doesn't Tell Time

General Fiction

By Clint Adams

Publisher : Credo Italia

ABOUT Clint Adams

Clint Adams
Clint Adams, an advocate for those seeking purpose, is now marketing Live & Learn, A Retiree's Guide to Keep Going (spiritual self-help for seniors), written for ambitious and career-driven retirees and near-retirees who now ask, "What's Next?"   Prior to this book of no More...


“What if time runs out?” is the question that makes 14-year old Miguel Estes sweat almost every night. Miguel’s certain of three things though: he’s here to learn lessons, he lives with a fatal form of the skin-blistering disease E.B., and the clock never stops ticking. In his quest to learn everything from the challenging life he’s been given, Miguel discovers who’s responsible for time being over.
August 15, 2006

"My Watch Doesn’t Tell Time is an excellent book and by reading it, I learned a few things that made me think a lot. One thing I learned was that friends are like family and they are always there for you in good times and bad times. Something that helped me learn this was that even though some of the main characters friends were in heaven, they still came to help him in his dreams. It was interesting the way the main character, Miguel went to different places and learned something from each place. The way the places were described made me feel like I was in those places with Miguel. Something that surprised me was that Miguel always met lots of people who taught him something that sometimes changed his life. The ending of the story was dramatic but it was well planned out and there were some hints that told you how it was going to end."

--Giulia Calcagno, seventh-grade student (Copenhagen International School)