Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy

By Billie Langford

Publisher : Billie Langford

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Iris Maddox is an Egyptology grad student whose life revolves around securing her career. Smart, beautiful, and funny, people like Iris, but she keeps everyone at arms length. Everything changes when an ancient ring triggers a vision that sends her life into a tailspin. Is it the symptom of a breakdown, or something more? Confused and lonely, she takes comfort in her colleague, Rob Marshall. Then, while visiting her brother, Jason, in New York, she catches the eye of his friend and benefactor, John Hale, and he's not subtle with his interest.

This book began as a dream I had one night about four years ago. It haunted me for days before I had no choice but to start writing it down.

This review is from: Iris (Kindle Edition)

I'll not spoil the story by giving any hints as to the subject matter.
All I will say is this book is very different from any that I have recently read.
You will be very surprised with this book as you progress further into your read.