London Lunatic:A Hellish Book of Untold Horror and Teen Mystery

London Lunatic:A Hellish Book of Untold Horror and Teen Mystery

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Richard Porter
I write articles and short stories. I also workas a Chicago Actor and I play Blues Guitar. All of the things I do relate to entertainment.



What The Reviewers Had To Say:

Too Scary For the Weak-Minded July 10, 2013
By mj
This was the horror book of the century! Typically, I shrug off so-called horror books,
I read a lot of them and just not to leave a poor review, I keep my thoughts to myself.
he descriptions are hellish and vivid, enough to scare you more than unsolved mysteries!
As I said, be careful or you'll develop insomnia! Hope to read more soon!

Richard Porter Has Written a Masterpiece June 24, 2013
By Horror Reader

I read a lot of horror books, but I haven't read one in a long time
that has kept me up at night. The vivid descriptions in this book
might be a little tough for the squeamish to take, but hard core horror fans will enjoy it.

London Lunatic: A Hellish Book of Untold Horror and Teen Mystery
If you're searching for the scariest book of 2013, then search no more.
With all the vampire, werewolf and faerie books out there, it's easy to become numb
to all things supernatural. London has been known to produce some of the best horror
stories ever written.

We have delve deep down into the black heart of one of the most
evil characters,you could ever imagine and what he does to his victims has never been
spoken of until today. If you are a person with a week heart or stomach.(LOL)
My main character would make the Devil Disgusted by some of the things he does
in this hellish treat. I give you the London Lunatic Get your copy today.

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