Caught Up Night Vision Revealed

Religion & Spirituality, History, Christian Books

By Mark Watt

Publisher : MDW & BPW Media

ABOUT Mark Watt

Mark Watt
Mark D. Watt currently lives in Raleigh, N.C., and on the evening of December 8, 2008 the Lord revealed to him a true prophetic night vision. This night vision birth his second book, titled: Caught Up Night Vision Revealed.



Well, it started out as a peaceful evening, where nothing took place that was unusual besides prayer and studying the written Word of God. My wife (Rebecca) and I talked for a while about how the written Word of God has the answers to life issues, and if we would just apply it in our daily lives and have the right type of faith we will see the blessings flow. After the discussion, we noticed it was starting to get late, so as my wife and I prepared for lights out for the evening, I kissed her good night and began to fluff up my pillow as I always do. As I vividly remember, I laid my head on the pillow and turned to look at the clock for the last time that evening, it was 11pm on December 8, 2008. Quickly, I began to close my eyes and drift off to sleep not knowing what was about to be revealed to me… ARE YOU PREPARED?


A prophetic night vision into... "The scene is already set prophetically". "It was set in motion from the beginning of time and will continue until eternity..."

Very Revealing!, November 26, 2013


The book was very engaging as it connected the essence of the authors experience with other well known prophets of the Bible. The Biblical references provided by the author truly enhanced my experience as a reader. I encourage all readers to honestly examine their own hearts and seek the Lord, confess and repent of any sins, accept God's precious gift of forgiveness given through his son Jesus. Doing so, we each have an opportunity to get "caught up" the first time around.

Beautiful book, beautiful reading experience,

November 10, 2013

It is the first time when I am reading such a comprehensive book of this genre.
Because the author has such an experience, you will never feel that the things explained in this book are beyond your knowledge.
Furthermore, the way the information is delivered will never provide you with the feeling that something is too much or too less.
‘Caught Up Night Vision Revealed’ comes from a man who knows what he is talking, and you can feel that from the first page of this book, and until its last.
Mark, please share with us more of your experiences, as I am sure you have more!

This book is an eye opener!, November 10, 2013


This is an AWESOME!! The way this author has brought the catching away into perspective with a vision from the Lord is really on point. This is TRULY A MUST READ! When the author says Would you like to know more? I really wanted to know more. The author breaks down the scriptures with easy to understand expound and revelation. Wow, is all can say!