BURIED THREADS - Book 2, Threads Series

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers

By Kaylin McFarren

Publisher : Creative Edge Publishing

ABOUT Kaylin McFarren

Kaylin McFarren
Kaylin McFarren minored in English in college and for the past twenty years has led PR/marketing efforts for several companies within her family's international conglomerate. She is a wife and mother of three, and resides in Oregon. In addition to serving on numerous foundations and board More...



Rachel Lyons and her partner Chase Cohen accept a contract to recover a lost priceless treasure in the Sea of Japan. However, upon arriving in Tokyo, they soon discover their mission is more complicated and dangerous than they originally believed. In order to prevent a natural disaster from striking Japan and killing millions, they must form an alliance with yakuza members, dive into shark-infested waters and recover three ancient cursed swords...before time runs out.

For more than forty years, Kaylin has been fascinated with the arts and culture of Japan and has been fortunate in being able to travel across Asian with her family. Due to her husband’s business interests and roots stemming from Japan, she has had the remarkable opportunity to develop personal relationships with shipping agents, politicians, company executives, religious leaders and talented Geikos and Maikos who reside and perform in Kyoto’s Gion District. Her interest in this field, along with her fascination with the Japanese underworld, inspired her to write a story about the recovery of three cursed swords from a murdered prince’s tomb, which ultimately prevents the destruction of Japan and aids in healing damaged relationships. Kaylin spent six months researching Japanese history, the Yakuza, the Geisha life-style, sword fighting, martial arts, and natural disasters that befell Japan from the 17th to 21st centuries. It is her hope that this erotic, action-filled drama will entertain readers and honor dedicated Geikos and their sisters who strive to maintain the true culture and beauty of Japan.

"Exciting, dangerous and sexy!" - Jamie Leigh Hansen, author of Betrayed

"Kaylin McFarren will not let you down! I look forward to future stories in this series." - Paige Lovitt, Reader Views, Chicago Sun Times